Master's Edition

Mosti Mondiale's 23L Master's Edition AllJuice is premium 100% pasteurized grape must sourced from specific vineyards in order to ensure availability year round. All musts are carefully selected and paired with only the finest resources to ensure complete satisfaction. Your winemaking skills will serve as your "special ingredient" when you introduce a new private collection of wines to your personal cellar.

Outback Chardonnay

Master's Edition     Sugar Code: 0       Alcohol Vol: 11.5

Bringing only the best from the outback, this wine presents rich aromas of honey, tropical fruit and ripe apples off the tree. It provides a full bodied wine with an abundance of oak only to be complemented by vanilla undertones. Your taste buds will be spoiled as they experience a Chardonnay like never before.

Pinot Grigio

Master's Edition      Sugar Code: 0       Alcohol Vol: 11.5

This Italian favorite that holds a yellow straw color with a tint of green has a refreshing feel whose medium body provides a slightly spicy and smoky perfume to be enjoyed by all. On the palate, you will experience a rich, complex and refined citrus flavor that is accompanied with a hint of nuts. Chilling this wine will only provide for more excitement and enjoyment.


Master's Edition      Sugar Code: 0       Alcohol Vol: 11.5

This is a distinctly dry wine that holds a rich and complex aroma. The aromas of apricots, honey, and spices are abundantly clear. Experience a surprisingly dry smooth finish with this lightly golden yellow wine that drinks exceptionally well when young..

Amarone Mondiale

Master's Edition (RED)     Sugar Code: 0       Alcohol Vol: 11.5

An irresistible wine whose elegance draws you subliminally into its orbit. It presents an intense ruby-garnet color along with providing a profusion of aromas consisting of coffee, cherries, and sun dried fruits. Its high alcohol content guarantees its fullness and generosity in the mouth as it overwhelms the palate with its intense flavors, prolonging your pleasure with its slightly characteristic bitter finish.

Carmenere Mondiale

Master's Edition     Sugar Code: 0       Alcohol Vol: 11.5

Chile's true rising star has been tagged as Carmenere. It holds a distinct blackcurrant nose paired with fruit jam flavors that excite your taste buds beyond belief. Its soft integrated tannins allows for early consumption, yet the wine ages gracefully due to its rich and complex nature.


Master's Edition     Sugar Code: 0       Alcohol Vol: 11.5

The wine of the Kings, the King of wines. This wine envokes legend and fascination with its brilliant garnet-red and flashes of ruby color. The bouquet is both pleasing and intense with its aromatic note of violets and oregano. Smooth in the mouth with crisp acidity, its firm but well integrated tannins give good length on the palate. It is a wine that exudes glory, nobility and power, characteristics that all other wines dream to have.

Old Vine Cabernet Sauvignon

Master's Edition     Sugar Code: 0       Alcohol Vol: 11.5

Made from extremely old vines, this old world varietal has been revived in the new world! Presented with full ripe berry and blackcurrant tasting notes, this wine is completely full bodied with solid tannins yet it is surprisingly smooth with an extremely long finish.

Old Vine Merlot

Master's Edition     Sugar Code: 0       Alcohol Vol: 11.5

This Old Vine edition is rich with delicately smooth tannins. Its blackcurrant and pepper undertones enhance the 'smoky' oak flavors to create a soft wine that is very subtle. Its long and full elegant finish will leave you wanting more.

Outback Shiraz Mondiale

Master's Edition     Sugar Code:       Alcohol Vol:

A brand name when it comes to today's wines. Its purple-ruby flashes and violet rim along with the complexity of its bouquet brings together notes of eucalyptus and black currants. Its good acidity and rich velvety tannins provides a firm freshness. The intense red berries and black fruit matched with a smoky tint warms the palate as it follows the direction of the menthol aromas presented. This is a wine for discovering, tasting and sharing.

Rojo Encantado

Master's Edition     Sugar Code: 0       Alcohol Vol: 11.5

This generous and smooth Chilean red wine is easy drinking with soft tannins and a touch of oak. The bouquet is of lush red berries with an herbaceous undertone that gently carries this wine to enhance all your senses. Its warm and smooth touch is guaranteed to provide a positive lasting impression on your palate.

Valle del Sol

Master's Edition     Sugar Code: 0       Alcohol Vol: 11.5

Being rich and full bodied with solid tannins and acidity, this wine delivers a full bounty of absorbed terroirs from Chile. Its deep garnet robe is matched in intensity only by its full range of fruity flavors. Notice the black cherry aromas that blend in wonderfully with its fruit jam flavors to create a wonderful experience for the senses.

Customer Testimonials

We are new to winemaking, and are really enjoying your products! So far, we've tried about 6 different kits, and all have been excellent.

John Trailber - Lethbridge, AB