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Liquor Quik™ SuperYeast™ X-Press" is the new generation (2004) high alcohol turbo that can produce 25 liters (6.5 U.S. Gallons) of 20% alcohol base in as little as 5 days.
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The new X-Press is completely stackable, which means that you can ferment multiple packs at a time, as long as the sugar, water, and temperature is kept constant. It works by fermentation of a special distiller’s yeast and complex blend of nutrients and vitamins. View the instructions, including ways to further increase your alcohol.

  • SuperYeast X-Press (135g)
  • Whiskey Pure Yeast, with AG, WP10 (500g)
  • Moonshiners Turbo Pure (112g)
  • Turbo Pure X-Press (175g)
  • Vodka Pure Yeast w/AG (72g)
  • Whiskey Pure Yeast (23g)
  • 24 Hour Turbo Pure (200g)
  • AcceleWIN KC1 (silver - 125g)
  • AcceleWIN KC2 (gold - 190g)
  • Alcobase (SuperYeast/SKKC)
  • Alcobase Extreme 23% (465g)
  • Alcobase Vodka Pure (320g)
  • Batch Turbo Pure (90g)
  • Pot Still Turbo Pure (115g)
  • Rum Turbo Pure (62g)
  • SuperYeast Mini (23g)
  • Whiskey Turbo Pure Yeast (72g)