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Soft Creamy Cheeses

Brie, Ziggy’s Light, creamy, smooth and mild. Light bodied Riesling or Pinot Grigio.

Wine and Cheese

Introduction Wine and cheese, cheese and wine; seems like a match made in heaven, but this can be one of the most complex matches between food and wine. Let's try to explain and make this as easy as possible.

Wine and Food Matching

Ultimately it is your palate that dictates which food goes best with which wine. Drink the wine you like with the food you like. However, there are certain combinations of wine and food that will more positively enhance the wine.

Serving Guidelines

A standard serving of wine is five ounces at 12% alcohol by volume. This means you get: Five glasses per 750ml/26oz bottle Seven glasses per 1 litre/35oz bottle 10.5 glasses per 1.5 litre/52oz "Magnum"