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Blue Veined Cheeses

Roaring Forties Blue (pasteurized cow’s milk cheese) King Island, off the coast of Tasmania Smooth, creamy texture with a slightly sweet, nutty flavour; assertive and intense. Rich intense late harvest wines and Icewine. Ermite (pasteurized cow’s milk) Monks of the…

Firm Cheeses

Feta in brine (or marinated in olive oil and herbs) Crumbly, tangy and salty. High acid refreshing wines such as Rosé, sparkling wines and Riesling.

Semi-Firm Cheeses

Le Baluchon (certified organic, raw cow’s milk) Quebec Washed rind; mild, earthy, buttery flavours. Tannin-free, medium-bodied, juicy reds suchas lighter Malbec, richer Gamay Noir,Dolcetto.

Semi-Soft Cheeses

Chevrochon (pasteurized goat cheese) Noyan, Quebec Soft surface ripened cheese; fragrant and earthy with a slightly tangy, creamy mouth-feel and a buttery finish. Fruity, light to medium-bodied red with no tannin and moderate acidity such as lightly oaked Gamay Noir.
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