Customer Testimonials

John Trailber - Lethbridge, AB
I am a new winemaker as of recently, and I went to Brew For Less to get set up and to get started brewing. They had everything I required, and guided me through the entire procedure. I?m happy to say my first wine turned out great, and I?m currently brewing my second batch.

Tony Carelli - St.Albert, AB
Best selection of Italian juices! I always purchase the ALLJUICE 23L pails, and the consistency is great. Never had a bad wine.

Michael Lei - Edmonton, AB
I have been brewing my own wine since 2006. I found BFL in 2009 and I?ll never shop anywhere else. The products are awesome and I?ve found their advice very helpful.

Todd Leclair - Fort Saskatchewan, AB
The selection doesn?t get any better. I?ve been brewing for 3 years now, and I make a new wine every time.

Mandy McDonald - Edmonton, AB
Made the Fresco fresh juice this season for the first time and me and my husband love it!

Leon Smith - Sherwood Park, AB
Great service. I make all kinds of wines out of fresh fruit. And Brew For Less always has a full selection of chemicals and additives that I require from brewing. When I do go to BFL I love talking with Mike and discussing different wines and brewing methods, he?s very knowledgeable. Thanks!

Maria Gomez - Edmonton, AB
I am a BIG porto fan. I have made almost every port kit on the market. Brew For Less carries one that really stood out to me. The Le Bodega pure juice port is by far the nicest one I have tried. I added some apricot brandy this time which Mosti Mondiale recommends and it was awesome!

Lisa Barnes - Grande Prairie, AB
Great kits and low pricing. I always pass by when I?m going through Edmonton.

Joey Parsons - Fort Saskatchewan, AB
I think last time I came to BFL I stayed talking with Mike for an hour. I was extremely impressed with his knowledge of wine making, and I always buy exclusively with him.

Charlie Williams - St.Albert, AB
I buy fresh wine grapes from Brew For Less in the fall time. They are the only ones in town that sell the California grape and actually know how the wine making procedure works. They also rent me the grape crusher & press every year, also they do all the tests on my grape juice for me. Great customer service!

Angella Prozza - Edmonton, AB
Great bunch of people. I have known the owners ?The Pino Family? for many years, and they always treat me very well.

Gina & Alex Nunes - Edmonton, AB
Myself & my husband are exclusive to the Legacy kit that BFL carries. It is fairly inexpensive and puts out a fantastic wine each time.

Peter Feraco - St.Albert, AB
I have made both the Barolo and Amarone in the 23L fresh juice several times. It is an exceptional product, and I am excited to try some of the other Italian varieties offered.

Tamera Kalwoski - Grande Prairie, AB
Me and my husband love ice wines. We are currently enjoying a red ice wine we purchased from BFL, and are making a white ice wine as well. I think for the price you can beat the quality, thank-you.

Trevor White - Edmonton, AB
I have to say BFL is a great little shop. I have recently purchased a wine filter pump of them, and I took some time to look around there shop. It seems like they have everything you could think of to make your brewing experience easier and quicker.

Customer Testimonials

We are new to winemaking, and are really enjoying your products! So far, we've tried about 6 different kits, and all have been excellent.

John Trailber - Lethbridge, AB